Four Marines reunite and recreate photo 50 years later

PALM COAST, Fla. -- Four friends who fought in Vietnam together have finally reunited decades later.

The men were stationed together at Camp Pendleton, outside San Diego, and took a group picture during a trip to the beach in the summer of 1966.

They were about 20-years-old at the time, according to Naples Daily News.

Bob Falk, 71, Dennis Puleo, 69, Tom Hanks, 69, and Bob DeVenezia, 70, hadn't seen each other again until last weekend.

That's when the four U.S. Marine veterans reunited in Florida and recreated that same picture five decades later.

They copied almost every detail, including the long board and their clothes.

Two of the men earned Purple Hearts after they were injured in Vietnam.

The group reunited after one of them stumbled across an online memorial for a fallen comrade they all knew and they reconnected.