Former security guard called a hero for saving a life

GLENDALE -- A former security guard is being hailed a hero for saving a man who was about to jump off a bridge in Glendale. Anthony Richards got an award from the Glendale Police Department Monday evening.

Officials say the suicidal man, distraught over losing his job, walked onto the Green Bay Ave. bridge and threatened to jump into the traffic below on Silver Spring Dr. Richards pulled over and tried to talk him away from the ledge.

Richards says he then crawled up the hill, sneaked up behind the man, and pulled him to safety.

"So he looked at my face, his eyes got real big.   But he seemed more relieved than anything else," said Richards.

Anthony says he thinks about the man on the bridge every day. He would like to see him again -- just to know that he's okay.

Richards used to work for the Utah Jazz, providing security for team players.

Police say the man who was rescued was observed by a mental health team for 72 hours after the incident. They cannot say any more than that.