Former Racine Mayor taken into custody on treatment violation

RACINE (WITI) -- A few years ago, Gary Becker -- the former Mayor of Racine was convicted of child sex crimes -- and now, we've learned he is in trouble again.

It has been almost a year since Becker was released from the Oshkosh Correctional Institution on probation.

On Friday, January 17th, Becker was taken into custody again.

Becker is now back in the Racine County Jail on a probation hold.

The Department of Corrections says Becker violated his treatment plan, but said it couldn't say any more because of medical privacy issues.

Becker's troubles began in 2008 when he took his personal computer to a city technician to fix a problem. The computer technician discovered what seemed to be child porn.

A state investigation began, and a state agent posed as a 14-year-old girl Becker chatted with online -- arranging to meet her at Brookfield Square Mall.

Becker was arrested in 2009.

Two weeks before sentencing, Becker was spotted at a Boston Store, buying bras and sequined panties. All were pinned up for display at his hearing.

Becker completed a sex offender treatment program in the Oshkosh Correctional Institution, but apparently did not comply with the treatment once released.

Now, it will be up to the Department of Corrections to determine whether Becker, who is on the sex offender registry for life, will go back to prison.

The Department of Corrections could revoke Becker's probation and he could have to serve the remaining five years of his sentence.