Former Navy SEAL, shot 27 times in the line of duty, to run half-Ironman for fellow vets

(WITI) -- He was shot 27 times in the line of duty, and now he's training for his first triathlon. Former Navy Seal, Mike Day, will be running in a half-Ironman Race while representing the treatment center that helped him recover.

Mike Day

Before Day was a patient at Carrick Brain Centers based in Dallas, Texas, following his career in the Navy SEALs, Day was diagnosed with PTSD after he was involved in a severe gunfight eight years ago in Iraq.

According to WTKR, April 6th, 2007, Day and his SEAL team caught up with Al-Qaeda fighters in a town near Fallujah, Iraq. Day was one of the first to enter a room where three enemy fighters were waiting.

They opened fire and Day was shot 27 times. Eleven of the shots his his body armor, the other 16 wounded him.

After being knocked unconscious from an enemy grenade that exploded less than 10-feet away from him, Day woke up in the middle of the ongoing firefight. He pulled out his handgun and took down two more of the enemy before the fighting ceased.

Miraculously, Day was able to get up and walk to the medical helicopter for safety -- and just 72 hours later he was stateside being treated for his wounds.

Day spent 16 days in the hospital and lost a total of 55 pounds -- then he was discharged. He was awarded the Purple Heart. Day also has earned the Silver and Bronze Star along with dozens of other medals from his 20 years in the SEALs.

Today, Day has a new mission -- trying to raise money for Carrick, the center that specializes in working with wounded warriors. Carrick also works with dependent children who have suffered severe brain injuries.

Day is hoping to raise $75,000 for the center. If you would like to help him accomplish his mission, CLICK HERE.