Former MLB players put on little league baseball clinic

WHITEFISH BAY (WITI) -- Former Major League Baseball players teamed up with Hanover Insurance for a little league clinic in Whitefish Bay Saturday, June 22nd, in what has become a yearly tradition.

Almost 200 little leaguers took part in the clinic which is in its fourth year.

"It's pretty exciting to meet some retired baseball players," said Hudson Romaine.

The players, including Greg Vaughn, Bert Campaneris, Mike Remmingler, and Bill Campbell, gave instruction and inspiration.

"We don't have enough kids dreaming anymore about positive things and if that's the way you think, that's what is going to happen," said Vaughn. "These kids truly actually believe they can play on the Brewers and I think it's awesome."

The clinic is held in honor of Greg Loyda, a long-time coach at Whitefish Bay Little League, who passed away suddenly in 2010.

Loyda's former employer stepped up to the plate to honor is memory.

"Greg was big into little league baseball here in Whitefish Bay. We, at the time, also were looking to do something corporately to give back to the company, and it just kind of clicked," said John Vose of Hanover Insurance Group.

Hanover Insurance makes sure all the kids participating in the clinic get to attend for free.

"I just really want to play on that field with the Brewers," said Romaine.