Former deputy arrested with gloves, knife, zip ties after allegedly going to meet young girl

CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. -- Oklahoma authorities say a former sheriff’s deputy drove nearly two hours to meet who he thought was a 14-year old girl he befriended on social media.

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office identified the man as 45-year-old Cullen Jones, and confirmed that he did work for the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Department.

“During the conversation, it went downhill quick, talking about various sexual acts,” Capt. Adam Flowers, with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, said. “Things that go to 50 Shades of Gray-type, like bondage. You know it, he was wanting to do it.”

Jones also told the girl that he wanted to act out a “Daddy-daughter” sexual relationship.

Instead of a teenage girl, however, Jones was met by two deputies and was arrested quickly. In his truck, investigators say they found gloves, a knife, and zip-ties.

”I have no reason to believe this wasn’t Jones‘s first time, and believe there could quite possibly be real live victims out there,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

Investigators say Jones allegedly had plans to do more than just have sex with the underage girl.

“He also wanted to film and video everything,” Capt. Flowers said. “He wanted to take photos and have me pose in different ways. He was very dominant in this type of conversation and the sexual acts he wanted.”

For one Canadian County family, this scary situation hits close to home.

Valarie Williams has two teenage daughters, and she says she regularly checks their phones.

“I let them know how serious so many things are, so they know my mom needs this peace of mind. She needs to see and know,” Williams said. “Yeah, we’ve definitely had to delete some apps, it is scary.”

Valarie’s daughter, Olivia, understands why her mom needs to check her phone. She says she actually wishes more parents did the same.

“It scares me because some of my other friends, they have no problem and they talk to older guys. It scares me for them because it’s so dangerous,” Olivia said. “ I don’t think they understand how dangerous, and they can be taken so quick and never see anybody they love ever again.”