For sale: Off-the-grid island home tucked inside a Florida state park

It’s like "Cast Away" except you’re probably a multi-millionaire and you want to be alone on a giant island. 

A home located within Florida’s Cayo Costa State Park is for sale for $3.5 million and comes with all the amenities you can imagine — except for neighbors. 

On 1000 Cayo Costa, you’ll find a stately island mansion on a sprawling 1.8-acre property along the Gulf of Mexico. The home gives "resort vibes" and even comes with its own private dock for you to have easy access to your boat, which you’ll obviously need to access the island.


Aerial view of 1000 Cayo Costa. (McMurray and Members of Royal Shell Real Estate)

Whoever decides to plunk down the change for this unique home will get direct access to a beautiful beach with crystal-clear waters, and there’s even an outdoor shower you can use to get any excess sand off after frolicking on your beach. 


Pier to boat dock. (McMurray and Members of Royal Shell Real Estate)

The home is fitted with solar panels, lithium batteries and generators designed to keep everything running as though you were in a regular neighborhood on the mainland. 


Solar panels that power 1000 Cayo Costa. (McMurray and Members of Royal Shell Real Estate)

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms and the kitchen has custom mahogany cabinets and high-end appliances, according to the property description.


Kitchen. (McMurray and Members of Royal Shell Real Estate)

The closest major city on the mainland is Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, to the east of the island. 

While it may seem like you’re worlds away from any civilization, you’re just a few miles by boat away from "the famous Cabbage Key restaurant, Pink Elephant on Bocca Grande, Mucky Duck on Captiva, or private dining on Useppa Island," according to Royal Shell Real Estate. 

So if you’ve been looking for an isolated mansion on an island that is also a state park, look no further.

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A lone home located in Cayo Costa State Park is on sale for a mere $3.5 million and there isn't a neighbor for miles.  (McMurray and Members of Royal Shell Real Estate)

Cayo Costa State Park

The park is protected land, as most state parks are, and sits on 2,420 acres on one of Florida’s largest unspoiled barrier islands, according to the state park website. 

There are hiking trails and even cabin and tent rentals available upon reservation.

The park is open from 8 a.m. until sunset and pets are permitted as long as they are on a leash.

No hunting or fireworks are permitted.

Also, during the summer months, hundreds of sea turtles come to the park to lay their eggs, according to the state park website. Rangers are usually at the park to ensure the turtles are undisturbed during this time. 

Kelly Hayes contributed to this report. This story was reported out of Los Angeles.