'For Sale:' Muskego High School seniors pull off prank despite pandemic limitations

MUSKEGO -- While most high school seniors had major events taken away from them this year due to the coronavirus, one group of students at Muskego High School decided to do something...pretty memorable.

Haylie Strande

For the Warriors at Muskego High School, senior year hasn't lived up to the hype.

"It was a little difficult adjusting to the whole online situation," graduated senior Haylie Strande said.

Major high school milestones across the state -- like dances, sports, concerts and even graduations -- were suspended.

"I was really looking forward to graduation, prom, senior prank, senior skip day -- things like that," Alexis Shannon, graduated senior, said. "A lot of that got taken from us."

Alexis Shannon

But for one group of ladies, it was time for them to take something back -- their senior prank.

"I sent it to a group chat full of my friends and asked if we should do it," Shannon said. We all got on board."

"We're all like this is a great idea," said Strande. "This would be perfect!"

Cell phone video captured them taping it together. In the cover of night, a sassy note was hung up for all to see.

"Probably a 20-by-30 tarp, and we bought a bunch of duck tape. In all different colors of duck tape we said 'For Sale,' and then we said, 'Vacant since March,' and we described all the amenities: a new pool, in-pro field, 100-plus rooms," Strande said.

Muskego High School senior prank

The thrill, however, was short-lived.

Muskego High School

"I drove past early the next morning and saw that it was torn down before any of us had heard anything," said Shannon.

That is, until the prank made its way around social media.

"My dad actually texted me and was like, 'Did you have anything to do with this?'" Strande said. "And he was like, 'It's all over Facebook!"

School officials did see it -- as did hundreds of other people.

Muskego High School senior prank

"Yeah, it was really fun to do. I'll always remember this," said Shannon.

The group did not get in trouble for the prank. The school's principal said the prank was harmless and everyone got a really good laugh out of it. He thanked the girls for helping to keep this school year memorable for everyone.