Folks get errands out of the way before bitter cold sets in

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- For many, Sunday was a last-minute rush before the arctic cold settles in. We won't want to be outside for the next couple of days -- so many of us got our errands out of the way on Sunday.

With another big freeze just around the corner, Nancy Mahn and her daughter were stocking up at the Pick 'n Save store in Waukesha on Sunday, January 26th.

"Just because it`s gonna be cold and we heard the schools might close and my husband`s car broke and so we`re sharing a car," Mahn said.

Shelves were restocked at the Pick 'n Save store in Waukesha on Sunday after a busy afternoon. Constant lines kept cashiers moving as people prepare to hibernate in their homes.

"We`re hoping schools are gonna be closed," Mahn said.

The grocery shoppers were a welcome sight for seven-year-old Emma Luther. She was finding many buyers for the Girl Scout cookies she was selling!

"We've been here a little over an hour and probably sold 75 boxes already," Lori Luther said.

The roads in the Town of Waukesha were clear Sunday night, after a slow start tot he day.

"Our contractor had a number of mechanical failures in their trucks which slowed things down considerably," Town of Waukesha Chairman John Marek said.

After running through the town's salt supply, it has been able to acquire more. Crews are now using a blend of salt and sand -- and crews are salting only hills, curves and intersections.

After a harsh winter, it's not the only community using this cost-saving measure.

"Certainly salt is, pure salt would definitely melt snow better in the coming weather we`re getting, once it gets to near zero even the salt doesn`t work," Marek said.

As the evening went on, the wind picked up and the snow started to fly -- drivers were warned to be wary of drifting snow and possible whiteout conditions in rural areas.

"We have our two DPW guys who will be watching for blowing and drifting snow and they`ll patrol the streets if that becomes an issue," Marek said.

In the Town of Waukesha, employees from the DPW were out looking for areas where drifting snow becomes a problem. It will likely be worst in open areas particularly rural roads that run north to south.