Fog, smoke ruin Lakefront fireworks for many

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Fog on Wednesday night, July 3rd caused concern for some when it came to viewing the U.S. Bank Fireworks show — but the show went on. Many waited nearly 48 hours to see the fireworks display, and for those who make it a yearly tradition, it's usually worth the wait. But this year, many people left the show early -- disappointed due to the fog.

People who were out at in Veterans Park to view the fireworks display say the show started out good, however, as the fog set in, it became increasingly hard to view the fireworks display. As a result, many left the show early -- with some even wondering whether the show should have been rescheduled.

For the most part, the fireworks show seen on FOX6 was better than the show seen from the ground level, as FOX6's cameras were placed high up inside the U.S. Bank building -- and thus, captured the fireworks above the fog.

The J&M Displays crew spent five days on the Lake Michigan barges setting up thousands of fireworks. In advance of Wednesday night's show, 10 people logged 600 man hours to create the setup for the not-so-typical show.

"The fireworks display this year were bad. Last year's fireworks were a lot better. They should have made it on a day where they had more wind and the smoke would have went away. We would have been actually able to see the fireworks," Jessie Fleishcmann said.

"It's just way too foggy. You couldn't see any fireworks -- all you saw was the take off. You could hear them, it was really loud," Dustin Feavel said.

"To come all the way down here and bring your kids that are looking to have a good time -- you come to see smoke and listen to bangs," Nicole O'Connor said.

A U.S. Bank representative says they did not consider cancelling the show -- saying that only happens if there is severe weather.

"When you`re dealing with nature, she has control.  You just kind of hope for the best and a day like (the Fourth) is absolutely perfect," Harvey Mehlos with RKM Fireworks said. Mehlos spent the Fourth of July preparing for Brown Deer's fireworks show Thursday night.

Brown Deer's fireworks show begins at 9:30 p.m. Thursday at Brown Deer Village Park.