Focus on Energy increases incentive for old fridges, freezers

FRANKLIN (WITI) -- Focus on Energy, an appliance recycling program, has increased its increased incentives to $50 from $30 in 2013 for people recycling old refrigerators and freezers through its Appliance Recycling Program, which just marked its first anniversary.

The program works by paying eligible Wisconsin utility customers the incentive for having older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers picked up at their homes. Often kept in garages and basements, these secondary units can cost up to $150 a year in extra energy to operate.

Focus on Energy’s program gives customers an easy solution to save that money instead.

“The way we consume electricity affects every generation, and it’s important to teach our young people how to be good stewards of our resources,” said William S. Haas, Program Director at Focus on Energy.

Focus on Energy breaks down old refrigerators and freezers into metals, plastics, glass and other components that can be recycled, taking pressure off tine nation’s supply of natural resources. About 95 percent of each unit can be repurposed.

Eligible customers can schedule a free pickup by calling 1-855-398-5226 or visiting