Focus on Energy helps homeowners save on their energy bill

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- That dreaded monthly energy bill has been much less daunting for Maureen and Bill Warmuth since they've made some upgrades to their home.

"Our budget is about $50 less a month, which you know is about $600 a year and we know the price of gas and electricity is only going up," said Maureen Warmuth.

But they're saving on more than just their energy bill.

The Warmuth's used Focus on Energy's Home Performance with Energy Star program, which set them up with a company to provide a home energy audit.

"We're blowing air out of the house, which in then is going to show us air coming into the house and with my infrared camera I can see the air leakage areas," said Intec Insulation Technologies Energy Auditor Elvis Alvarado.

This program provides rebate incentives up to $1,250 on the audit quote.

"The only things that qualify are attic insulation, air sealing, exterior wall, basement seal boxes, and basement walls," said Alvarado.

If Focus on Energy tests the home to have 25% or more in energy savings after the upgrades are made from the energy audit, the homeowner qualifies for an additional $250 in savings.

"The savings is wonderful  because it's right in our pocketbook and knowing that we're doing something good for the future, it's a win win," said Maureen Warmuth.

For more information on Focus on Energy's Home Performance with Energy Star program, CLICK HERE.