Florida toddler found wandering 'dangerously close' to roadway as mom slept on Mother's Day

DELTONA, Fla. -- A group of deputies in Deltona, Florida, returned a wandering toddler home safe to his worried mother on Mother's Day, SundayMay 10, body camera video posted to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page showed.

The boy, estimated to be “no more than 2” by one of the civilians in the video, seemed perfectly content to play with a ball as the deputy whose body camera captured the incident arrived on scene.

After talking with the group of locals watching the toddler, the officers learned that a boy who deputies estimated to be 13 years old was the first to spot the baby venturing dangerously close to the road. The deputies took the toddler’s photograph and knocked on doors at houses throughout the neighborhood.

Eventually, they found a house with an open door and spoke with the toddler’s frantic mother, who said she was asleep.

She was reunited with her smiling child and the deputies advised her to purchase a childproof doorknob device to prevent the incident from happening again.

“This is a good reminder for all parents of toddlers,” the caption accompanying the footage on Facebook read. “Make sure you know who’s watching the kids, and make sure your doors are secure. All it takes is a few seconds and your child is headed off to explore.”