Florida girl battling cancer gets tattoos 'like daddy'

TAMPA, Fla. - A Tampa tattoo parlor made one little girl's day, decking out her arms and legs with marker tattoos so she could look like her father, WFLA reported.

Three-year-old Trinity was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last year; she also has Horner's syndrome and Harliquine syndrome, leaving her a veteran of the operating room and chemotherapy care.

According to WFLA, Trinity loves her father's tattoos, so her mother called Ink Wolves and made a special request: temporary tattoos for a little girl with a lot of fight in her.

Employees came in on their day off and tatted Trinity with Disney characters and fun designs on her arms and legs, WFLA said.

Trinity's mother said her daughter had "the BEST day" at the parlor.