Florida couple accused of leaving toddler in infested car while they did drugs

DELAND, Fla. -- A two-year-old girl was found in an insect-infested car with her parents who reportedly had drugs on them, WESH reported.

Police said an officer spotted the car with two adults and the toddler inside; the car was not running despite the reported temperature being over 100 degrees. The couple told police the car's air conditioner was broken.

Christan Wilson and Dexter David, the girl's parents, were reportedly removed from the car by police who then noticed a "white, rock-like" substance and plastic bottle caps. They also reportedly found an uncapped syringe with an unknown substance in it.

According to WESH, the little girl was wearing a soiled diaper that sagged down to her knees, had numerous scabs on her legs and suffered from an open wound on her neck that had drawn insects.

David told police the girl's neck injury was from bumping into a lit cigarette.

Officials said the back seat was infested with a variety of insects - including roaches - and was filled with open food containers and soiled diapers.

According to WESH, the child was turned over to a family member and both parents were arrested.