"First of the season:" Waukesha County gets a heaping dose of winter snow

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The farther south you travel from Milwaukee, the more snow you'll find as residents in Waukesha County discovered when they woke up Saturday morning, November 21st.

Waukesha County snow

The snow started to fall Friday night, and continued well into Saturday. In fact, some Mukwonago residents were surprised by how much snow they had to push.

"We get dispatched as soon as the boss tells us to go," said Nate Lueck.

As the sun game up, snow totals kept piling up to the the benefit of private contractors.

"I love it. Love the snow. I'm not like one of those haters," said Lueck.

Plows had the greatest presence in Mukwonago on Saturday, clearing a way for Gary Dums, who usually has a 20-minute ride to his barber shop.

"This morning was one of the worst coming from Elkhorn. I put four-wheel drive on but my traction light came on different times where normally it doesn't. Real greasy this morning," said Dums.

Waukesha County snow

Eventually, neighbors started wielding sidewalk shovels.

"Shoveling and salting the sidewalk. First of the season," said Jack Medlock, shoveling snow.

Jack Medlock was only expecting a few inches but by the time he clocked in, Mukwonago had already tallied more than five. Still, he wasn't cutting any corners.

"No, I thought it was only going to be one or two inches because they always hype it up when the storm is coming," said Medlock.

As tandem plows took care of Ace Hardware's parking lot, Jeffry Houk came for a shovel of his own.

"We probably have six or eight inches on the deck," said Houk.

He'll need it again as Wisconsin's first winter storm certainly won't be the last.