First-of-its-kind second chance program underway for young people in the juvenile justice system

MILWAUKEE -- A first-of-its kind second chance program is underway in Milwaukee.

Here's how it works:

Kids who have ended up in the juvenile justice system will go through a four-week job training clinic.

It is put on by WestCare Wisconsin, and the Macpyles Corporation -- a local McDonald's franchise owner.

Once they've completed the training, Macpyles has guaranteed the teens an entry-level job.

It is called the "Power of Harambee Youth Employment Collaborative."

"The government is doing their thing, the private sector is doing their thing, community based organizations are doing their thing. But in this program, Harambee, we wanted to bring all of those entities together," James Ferguson with WestCare Wisconsin said.

Ferguson says he's encouraging other local business owners to take a look at the Power of Harambee project and consider taking part.

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