Fire breaks out in home near 23rd & Mineral, neighbors say it's not the first time

MILWAUKEE -- A burning building, small children next door running to safety and two firefighters injured. An official says it's all because someone broke into a boarded up house on Milwaukee's near south side and seemingly set it on fire -- neighbors say it's far from the first time.

"It's just kids, they ain't got nothing better to do. Cause you can tell there are broken windows, just damaging stuff," said Jose Rodriguez, neighbor.

Jose Rodriguez sees the house he lived in burn for the second time.

A few months ago, the house near south 23rd and Mineral was boarded up after an electrical fire.

"After that it was boarded up and people kept breaking in and just set the house on fire. Probably some kids in the neighborhood," said Rodriguez.

Neighbors say something similar happened in a vacant building a few doors away. Reports of kids breaking into board-ups.

The fires that happen after become dangerous -- sixty firefights battled the fire on Friday, trying to prevent it from spreading more to the house next door.

The fire did damage the side and attic of the home -- where Melissa Coronado lives with her mother and two young sisters.

"The house next door caught fire and it was coming towards the house. She grabbed the girls and left the house really fast," said Coronado.

The family will spend the next few days in the shelter provided by the Red Cross, figuring out where to go next.

The fire was also dangerous for the firefighters. Two firefighters were injured -- one from the heat, a firefighter was dehydrated -- and another one hurt his knee.

"It's just dangerous. You never know breaking into a house, the floor could be unstable, you can fall right through it. A lot of kids dont' know what they get themselves into, you know," said Ley.

"It could have been worse but thank God it's not. My sisters are safe and that's all that matters to me," said Coronado.

The firefighter who was injured did fall through a hole in the floor, most likely left by the first fire.

There were so many firefighters called to the scene because the houses are so close together, the fire was quickly spreading.