Finding family: Our past is not always behind us, our future can hold some surprises

LAKE GENEVA -- This is a Perry’s People story that started back in 1962, although no one involved can tell you exactly when.

It’s a story that reminds us that our past is not always behind us and that our future can hold some surprises.

As Kathy Randall grew up in the 1960s, her parents never hid from her that she was adopted.

Randall loved her parents, but understandably wondered about the man and woman biologically responsible for her being here.

In the 1990s, Randall began her search but ran into a few road blocks, as it was a closed adoption.

“When I started looking, I was concerned she might be dead, that she might not want to meet me, or that she might be someone I wouldn’t want to know,” said Randall.

It was in 1996 that Randall found her birth mom.

They met and have become friends.

But the question remained: Who is Randall’s dad?