'Feels like Florida:' Mechanics swamped with auto air conditioner repairs amid heat wave

THIENSVILLE -- With an excessive heat warning in effect, many have come to appreciate the air conditioning in their vehicle. But if it breaks, it may not get fixed as quickly as you would like.

When temperatures are in the 90s, the important thing at Gordie Boucher Ford in Thiensville is a breeze.

"Without the little personal fans, there is no air movement in here. We get a breeze once and a while through the doors, but other than that it's just humid," said Brian Fromm, Service Technician.

There is no air conditioning for them as they work to fix yours.

"Feels like Florida," said Fromm.

Gordie Boucher Ford in Thiensville

They don't have time to slow down. They're already telling people they won't be able to see them for a week -- as the heat brings in a wave of customers.

Kevin Ramthun

"Dead batteries, air condition doesn't work, stalling problems," said Kevin Ramthun, Service Manager.

While cars don't like the heat, there are ways to help your car handle the weather.

"Just make sure all your fluids are full. You radiator and air conditioning condenser out in front of the car is all clean and unobstructed. Just making sure you're up-to-date on all your maintenance," said Ranthun.

A cooler of cold drinks helps keep the workers safe as they dream of the colder months ahead.

"I prefer the cold weather," said Fromm.

Gordie Boucher Ford in Thiensville

Workers are also given more breaks in the air-conditioned office.

According to the National Weather Service, highs will reach the mid 90s Friday, with heat  index values of 105 to 110. The heat index will be running in the upper 70s to lower 80s for most of tonight.