Feeding hungry pets through "Fairy Dog Mother Project"

MEQUON -- For many pet owners, a dog or cat is more than a pet -- it's part of the family. However, when money gets tight, sometimes families have no other choice but to give up their four-legged friend.

Countless pets are surrendered to humane societies every year because their owners simply cannot afford to care for them anymore. One Mequon pet store is coming to the rescue with a unique initiative - "The Fairy Dog Mother Project."

"What we're trying to do is provide a means for families that are in financial stress to feed their pets, keep the family together and reduce that stress until families are able to get back on their feet," The Feed Bag Pet Supply Company owner Mark Haslam said.

In an effort to prevent people from going through the heartache of having to surrender their pet, Haslam and Connie Roller with The Feed Bag Pet Supply Company started "The Fairy Dog Mother Project."

"If you can picture one dog staying with its family or one cat staying with its family, it's a very good feeling," Roller said.

Roller and Haslam kicked off their initiative on Valentine's Day. Since then, they have donated nearly 800 pounds of dog and cat food to the Family Sharing Food Pantry of Ozaukee County.

"People are responding very positively. They're thrilled to have some good quality animal food for their pets," Colleen Kasper with the Family Sharing Food Pantry said.

As dog and cat food keeps flying off the shelves at the food pantry, Roller and Haslam are asking for your donations to help those pet owners who are struggling financially.

"My goal for this project was never to just deliver one load of food and walk away. My goal for this project is to continuously keep cat and dog food on the shelves at the Ozaukee Family Sharing Food Pantry," Roller said.

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