Federal trial over redistricting maps ends, now waiting on decision

MILWAUKEE --The federal court trial looking to see if Wisconsin's newly-drawn voter maps are constitutional drew to a close late Friday night. Testimony and closing arguments are complete.

The lawyers have had their say, and now it's all up to the judges. The three-judge panel has said it plans to make their decision soon, perhaps within the next few weeks.

In court Friday, the trial focused on various expert professors. Some say the new voter district maps would diffuse minority power by splitting up the Latino community.

Experts from Voces de la Frontera testified that large groups of minority voters were shifted out of districts, so the voting districts favored more conservative elections.

Other experts testified for the defendants, the Government Accountability Board, saying the redistricting accounts for large population growth in the Hispanic areas.

One expert who was a consultant on the remapping testified that this was one of the most equalized maps he's ever analyzed, and that the fairness was a priority for the map makers. That same expert, however, when cross-examined, suggested the Legislature contact Latino community organizations to get their input. He was not aware that was ever done.