Father goes after daughter's accused killer during court appearance

VANCOUVER, Wash. - It was a dramatic day in court when a man accused of killing a 5-year-old girl made his first appearance, KATU reports.

Ryan Burge, 37, is accused of killing his former girlfriend Nataasha Luchau's daughter on Friday.

The courtroom was filled with friends and family members of 5-year-old Hartley Anderson. Many of them had on "#JusticeforHartley" T-shirts.

During the proceedings, the father of the victim, Peter Anderson, rushed the bench trying to get to Burge.

Anderson was stopped by deputies and taken out of the courtroom by force in handcuffs.

When the proceedings ended and Burge was being taken out of the courtroom, someone in the group of family and friends yelled, "Burn! Burn in Hell!"

Burge is being held on $5 million bail. He will appear in court again Thursday.