Farmer's market finds turned into full-blown, healthy meals

MILWAUKEE -- When you visit a farmer's market, you can come away with plenty of food gems that can be used to make an amazing meal. Brian Kramp visited Braise Restaurant and Culinary School after a visit to a market. Watch what was created from the market finds.

Grilled Swiss Chard Wrapped Cheese with Charred Corn Puree and Eggplant Cauliflower Chutney

Charred Corn Puree

    Grill corn until charred. Cut kernels off cob, place in blender with olive oil. Puree until smooth, strain to remove solids. Fold corn puree into Quark cheese, season and set aside.

    Compressed Green Tomatoes

      Heat vinegar and sugar together until boils and liquid turns clear. Remove from heat and add gin. Cut outer meat off tomato and cut into rough dice, place in sous-vide bag, add pickling juice. Seal under pressure and let sit for 4 hours.