Fare collection resumes for MCTS riders at 4 a.m. Monday, June 1

MILWAUKEE -- Fare collection will resume Monday, June 1 on all Milwaukee County Transit System buses.

Riders were not charged for two months during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to fare collection resuming, all riders will be asked to enter at the front of the bus -- with social distancing rules still in effect.

Only 10 people will be allowed on a bus at a time -- and riders are asked to wear masks.

MCTS officials said it's been too difficult to operate without collecting money from passengers.

"We're collecting fares again," said Kristina Hoffman with MCTS. "We've had rising costs due to the pandemic, and without any fare revenue, that's really been difficult for us."

Fare collection begins a 4 a.m. Monday.

Anyone with questions about fares or bus passes can contact the MCTS Customer Service Center by phone at 414-937-3218 (Voice), 711 (TRS), or email “customerservice@mcts.org.