Fans feeling optimistic about next year after Brewers' memorable season

MILWAUKEE -- As the Brewers game ended Saturday night, Oct. 20, with a loss against the Los Angeles Dodgers, fans were slower to leave Miller Park -- many wishing their season wasn't over. However, there was also optimism.

The team played well this year. Winning so many games in a row and then almost making it to the World Series -- that's a huge deal. So when we spoke with fans about how they're feeling, their response was no surprise.

"They had all the heart and soul and the family that it takes to make a winning team," said Chris Stanislowski from West Allis. "Not only were they that close to winning it this year -- we're going to perfect it next year. They're gonna bring that World Series back here as it should be."

"I think we should be a little bit more better, I think we should get a little bit better pitching staff, and hoping Cain and Yelich can hit better," said Valentin Aguinaga, 11, from Kenosha.

Brewers fans are of course sad their baseball season is over, but they are so proud of how hard their team played, fighting to the very end. As they left Miller Park Saturday night, there was cheerfulness surrounding some fans -- many excited and looking ahead to next season because now the rest of the world knows just how great the Brewers are.

"They're gonna be in it. What Counsell has done, it's amazing. He's so strategic, he has so many little pieces that he puts into the game each week," said Jane Ziller.

"Unfortunately I think some of the players are not going to be here, so I hope that the Brewer Group will invest or at least consider that the team had most of the pieces here, we just need a little bit more and I think that we will do well once we get those pieces together," said Raul Aguinaga from Kenosha.

The team, as well as the fans, are going to enjoy some much deserved time off and then they're going to start focusing on preparing for next season.