Fans at Major Goolsby's heartbroken after Packers loss to Giants

MILWAUKEE -- The New York Giants beat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field Sunday, and ended the Packers season. Many fans were heartbroken after the reigning Super Bowl champions had a perfect record for most of the season, and many hoped to see a Green Bay return to the Super Bowl this season.

Some argue the good thing about watching a playoff game inside a bar, is fans can drown their sorrows. Many said watching Sunday's Packers vs. Giants game was painful, but it was all too familiar for Patti Long. She watched New York beat Green Bay in a nail-biter at Major Goolsby's back in 2008. "It was dead silent in here. We were here for that, and we're going to go back again," Long said.

This year's frustration was shared by Long, and many others watching the game on Sunday. But one fan's pain, is another fan's pleasure. Major Goolsby's bartender Mike Santulli moved to Milwaukee from New York to attend school. He stayed in Wisconsin, but remains a Giants fan, and spent Sunday rooting for big blue.

The blue color of the New York Giants jerseys matched the mood of most Packers fans after Sunday's loss. "It's going to be a sad Monday. It's going to feel like you lost your best friend," one fan said.