Family of George Floyd calls for justice following pre-trial hearing for fired officers

Family members of George Floyd called for justice following Friday’s pre-trial motion hearing for the four fired Minneapolis police officers charged in connection to Floyd’s death.

“The officers did what they wanted because they thought that was justice,” said Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother.

 Several members of the Floyd family took to the podium after the hearing to reinforce what their attorneys had said – that they believe Floyd did not die of a drug overdose when he was arrested in May.
“He didn’t die of natural causes,” said Philonise Floyd. “He died because of a knee being on his neck. The autopsy said he died of asphyxiation.”
Among the family members who spoke were three of Floyd’s brothers, two from Houston and one from New York. Floyd’s sister arrived Friday afternoon from North Carolina. 

“Brother, uncle father, friend - pillar of his community,” said Rodney Floyd, George's brother. “That is the George Floyd that I know. And I wish you would have got to know him as that as well. Not the person they’re painting him to be.”
The argument that Floyd died of a drug overdose met with stiff opposition not only from the family, but from protestors gathered outside on Friday. With emotions still running high, the Floyd family made two requests.

“I ask that everyone stand with us in solidarity as we tirelessly go through everything that we have to go through with the court,” said Philonise Floyd.

“Protest, let your voice be heard, but keep it peaceful,” said Terrence Floyd, George's brother.