Falls residents opposed to Chemworks to deliver petition Monday

MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- Chemworks is moving into Menomonee Falls, and residents there aren't happy about it! In fact, residents have signed a petition opposing the company's move into the area, and that petition will be presented to the Village of Menomonee Falls on Monday, January 20th. Meanwhile, Chemworks says it's coming, no matter what.

Brad Posnanski is a real estate agent who knows a lot about desirable neigborhoods.

"They`ve not been a great neighbor. If they were worried about being a great neighbor, they would have had meetings or open house type forums," Posnanski said.

Posnanski lives 300 yards away from the property Chemworks purchased in September.

"They're not an ethical company. They're not a responsible company," Posnanski said.

Chemworks is a wastewater treatment company. Back in September, the company received all the necessary permits to move its plant from Milwaukee's Martin Drive neighborhood to the 21-acre site in Menomonee Falls.

Chemworks is a division of Advanced Waste Services.

Company President Mike Malatesta says there is a lot of misinformation out there about what the company does. He says a bio-filter put in place in August of 2012 at Chemworks' existing facility has helped to curb continuous complaints about the smell.

"We`re treating 18 million gallons of wastewater a year at that facility. Every day we`re getting a mix of different kinds of materials. We haven`t had an odor complaint in six months from either the neighborhood or the area around Miller Brewery," Malatesta said.

The smell is one concern Harmony Hills residents have about the plant being so close to their homes.

"As far as real estate goes, I'd say an average resale for a home is probably pushing $375,000 or so," Posnanski said.

Neighbors have gathered a petition of 700 signatures from those against the plant being built -- working since Friday, January 17th.

Chemworks says they're not altering plans to move into the new facility. The company says it hopes to begin construction in the spring.

"When you look at our total record, based on the number of samples that are taken and the number of exceedances that are found, we`re at 99.997% compliance," Malatesta said.

A meeting is planned for 6:30 Monday night in the Menomonee Falls Village Hall to address this issue.

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