Falls band's song featured in ESPN's NFL playoff promo

MENOMONEE FALLS -- A local band has seen their song go from a basement studio in Menomonee Falls, all the way to ESPN! The song "Here and Now or Never" by the Menomonee Falls band "The Heroes Lie" is the theme music for the NFL Playoff promo that ESPN is running right now!

Wednesday morning, "The Heroes Lie" lead singer Eric Labrosse says he found out why his song was getting so much play. "I got a message from someone saying it was on ESPN's NFL Live yesterday and then I got another message saying it was just on SportsCenter," Labrosse said.

Labrosse says he couldn't wait to let the other band members know, including bass guitarist Brett Dumstrey, and Dumstrey couldn't contain his enthusiasm. "I freaked! I turned to my co-worker and I'm like, 'I think we're on ESPN now too!'" Dumstrey said.

This is just the latest of "The Heroes Lie" large-scale recognition. WWE fans have been hearing "Here and Now or Never" since September, when wrestler Mason Ryan started using it for his grand entrance. "I freaked out. I thought it was the coolest thing because I used to watch wrestling as a kid!"

Meanwhile, gamers might recognize the song as part of the introduction for "Huskie Harris" in WWE 12. "They were sold out, so I wasn't even able to buy a video game that I was finally able to participate in,"

The catalog service providing the song to customers will eventually give the group some money, but beyond the money, band members say they're just happy to be heard. "It's very exciting for a lot of people to notice what you're doing and kind of feel rewarded for that,"

Band member say all the attention garnered by the song "Here and Now or Never" is giving other songs by the group a lot of attention as well. One YouTube posting with the song has about 200,000 hits.