Fall is here, and the weather is perfect for a yard sale! How you can ensure yours is a hit!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Fall is here and that means winter is right around the corner -- so it may be time to clean out the closets and de-clutter your home. Why not make some money while you're at it? The weather is perfect for a yard sale -- so how can you make sure yours is a hit?

Babs Gill has been planning estate sales for 18 years. She advises advertising in as many places as possible. Signs help, but you can reach a bigger audience with free websites like:

    Then it's time to get to work! You need to organize your stuff -- putting like items together, and making sure not to crowd your space.

    "It makes it easier for people and you sell more," Gill said.

    Gill encourages folks to dress up yard sales a bit by putting out a pitcher of water and cups, and even playing some music in the background.

    "We always put tablecloths to make it look nice," Gill said.

    The extra touches give an ambiance that puts buyers in the mood to spend.

    Speaking of money -- how do you decide what to charge?

    "If you want to sell it, you've got to price fair," Gill said.

    Just because you paid $100 for something doesn't mean you can sell it for $100. Its market value may be just $10 -- so don't get too sentimental.

    Gill also encourages people to put price-tags on everything. If you're firm on a price, write that price down. If not, know ahead of time how low you're willing to go.

    "I definitely say negotiate, because you want to get rid of it," Gill said.

    Another hint: Put some interesting larger items closer to the road, that way when people drive by, they''ll see you have something good and they're more likely to check out your sale.