Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more: So many apps -- how can you keep your kids safe?

MILWAUKEE -- There's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -- but what about all the other apps your kids might be using?

Mom blogger Maureen Fitzgerald appeared on Studio A to talk social media and smartphone apps you may have never heard of.

Apps like Periscope, YouNow and Meerkat allow for live, real-time broadcasting via your smartphone.

Periscope in particular provides viewers with a detailed map showing the location of the broadcast if location services are not turned off.

Kids can inadvertently broadcast personal information by showing house numbers, street signs, papers on a desk, etc.

Kids are also using messaging apps like Kik and YikYak. These apps allow kids to text with friends without incurring texting fees from a mobile service provider. Members sign up and can share their "Kik" with each other. YikYak allows people to comment anonymously and without creating a profile -- leaving it more open for abuse.

Then, there's imagine-sharing apps like Instagram and SnapChat. These apps allow members to create images with their smartphone's camera and share them. Even though SnapChat images appear to vanish after a set amount of time, users can screenshot them.

So what should parents know about these apps? How can you keep your children safe?

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