EXCLUSIVE: Meet the animals seized from Pleasant Prairie farm

PLEASANT PRAIRIE (WITI) -- FOX6 News got an exclusive look Wednesday, May 1st at animals seized from a Pleasant Prairie farm on Tuesday. This, as David White and his wife, Paula -- the couple taken into custody in this incident made their initial court appearances.

David White, and his wife, Paula were taken into custody when Kenosha Co. authorities executed a search and arrest warrant on Tuesday, April 30th. The Whites are the owners of a 39-acre farm in Pleasant Prairie in which five dead horses and more than 20 other horses were removed. Officials say the surviving animals were malnourished and unkempt.

On Tuesday, authorities removed more animals from the White farm including fowl, sheep and goats. They also have reason to believe there may be carcasses buried on the property.

FOX6 News and Robert Melby with Clawz and Pawz took a closer look at the surviving animals on Wednesday. Melby recalls his first thought when he saw the animals for the first time: "Did anybody feed them yet?"

Rescuers say at the least, the animals are underfed and poorly groomed. Until they're eligible for adoption, the sheep, goats, ducks and geese will stay on a farm where they will be cared for.

"We just need to get them a decent shelter built up here cause they might be staying here awhile," Melby said.

Meanwhile, cats, rabbits and a dog were taken to the Safe Harbor Humane Society.

"We did have a turkey. He was probably the worst off if you ask me. He had swollen feet. His feet had swollen up like little balloons and he had a huge cyst on his face," Melby said.

Melby says overall, the animals are in better condition than the seized horses.

"It takes less to feed a goat than a horse," Melby said.

Melby says the horses are improving at a nearby stable day by day.

"They're not going backward. They're going forward -- in health and personality," Melby said.

If convicted they each face up to three-and-a-half years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Those who would like to make donations to help the animals, can send a check to:

1700 Main Street, Union Grove, WI 53182, or online at clawzandpawz.info.

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