EVERYONE at Illinois high school has date to prom; Boys draw girls' names at random in tradition dating back to 1926

FREEPORT, Illinois -- Prom is something most high school students look forward to, and at Aquin High School in Freeport, Illinois, a decades-old tradition was continued as juniors and seniors picked their dates.

Here's how it works: The boys drew the names of girls at random in the library, while the girls waited for them in the gym. Then, the boys came out and performed a skit before they revealed who their date is.

It's tradition at the school, and it's about bonding with classmates, and making sure no one's left out.

CLICK HERE to watch videos from Aquin's Prom Draw 2017.

"I think most people are in disbelief and a lot of people say they would hate it. I've had a lot say 'Oh I would hate that.' But I think after they kind of hear the rest of the story and hear what goes into it, I think a lot of people are actually intrigued by it. It's less of a date and more like something fun to do with your classmates," Michelle Gallagher, junior class adviser said.

The tradition began in 1926, and is aimed at ensuring all students have a date to prom.