Estabrook Beer Garden ends its season November 9th - 11th

MILWAUKEE -- The Estabrook Beer Garden will end its season this weekend -- November 9th through 11th. The Beer Garden will be open from noon until sundown. 

The Garden is located between Hampton Ave. and Capital Dr. on 4610 Estabrook Drive overlooking the Milwaukee River.

The Beer garden feature beers imported from the Munich Hofbräuhaus.

This weekend, beers will be $3 for a half liter and $5.50 for a full liter. 

Bratwurst, hotdogs and giant fresh baked pretzels will be available for purchase.  

Beer gardens in Milwaukee have been a long standing tradition that brought both families and neighbors together in a social setting used to unite communities together.  From the early arrival of German immigrants in Milwaukee, beer gardens began to spring up along the banks of the Milwaukee River.

By the late 1800s, beer gardens were prolific throughout the city. They had become the center of summer social life and could be found in many city and county parks.