Emergency notification system worked for Carroll Univ. scare

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Students at Carroll University and administrators at nearby schools say the notification system in place to warn of danger worked just like it should.

The campus of Carroll University went on lockdown on Tuesday, April 16th because there was a report of a gunman on campus. Students were notified by a text alert. It indicated students should stay exactly where they were.

Some public schools in the area also went into lockdown. Students were kept inside buildings during the lunchtime; nobody was allowed outside for recess.

"One of our school resource officers called me immediately as they were locking down central at which point we contacted a couple other schools right away," said Waukesha Public Schools Superintendent Todd Gray.

Superintendent Gray says several schools went into lockdown as a precaution. Gray says parents were notified as well if their child's school went into lockdown. Fortunately, things were back to normal at the schools and on campus at Carroll after about an hour.

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