Elections officials make final preps before Tuesday's election

MILWAUKEE -- On the eve of Wisconsin's presidential primary election Tuesday, April 3rd, final preparations were underway before voters head to the polls starting Tuesday morning.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board predicts up to 35 percent of eligible voters will turn out to vote on Tuesday and say that is similar to voter turnout in the 2008 presidential election.

Election officials said Monday they're ready. "We're in real good shape. All of our equipment and supplies, we're finishing up the delivery of that. We're getting ready to process our absentee ballots for (Tuesday)," Sue Edman with the Milwaukee Election Commission said.

Milwaukee County had to have tens of thousands of ballots reprinted ahead of the election because the Milwaukee County Election Commission says it found out there was a printing problem with the ballots. "When you deal with ballots, things have to be perfect. There's no room for error," Edman said.

Officials say they had hired a new company to print the ballots this year, but the voting machines were not reading the ballots when they were first tested. Officials say everything is good to go now. "We have tested all of our ballots. They were all reprinted, and they all tested fine. All of the new ballots are at all of our polling sites in the city," Edman said.

There has also been confusion regarding the Voter ID Law, which was in place for the recent primary election. Two Dane County judges then placed injunctions on the law, and the state's Attorney General appealed those injunctions, and it's expected that the state Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether the law will take effect. As it stands, voters WILL NOT need to show photo ID at the polls Tuesday, April 3rd.

While election officials worked to get everything ready for Election Day Tuesday, several organizations joined forces at Milwaukee's City Hall to talk about the importance of getting out and voting. "It will be your participation that will determine the future of this city. Regardless of where you stand politically," Luis Tony Baez with the Council for the Spanish Speaking said.

Election officials want to make sure people go to the correct polling site, because they say some of them have changed due to redistricting.

CLICK HERE to find your polling location via the City of Milwaukee website.