Eight teens arrested after two vans stolen

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee woman's car was stolen at gunpoint, and police were led to eight suspects, ranging in age from 12 to 16. Police say the night of crime for this young group included grand theft auto, a hold up and a police chase.

Elizabeth Marchese says she was outside smoking a cigarette when two vans came flying down 61st Street. "They just hopped out, pointed a gun at her, took her car, and drove off. The guy with the gun got in the minivan, and they both peeled off with their car," Marchese said. Marchese said it all happened really fast, but she did take note of the robbers' ages. "They looked really young, like they should be in bed by now," Marchese said.

Milwaukee police say a group of teens is responsible for stealing the vehicle. Neighbors say after the robbery, police were called, and one of the vehicles involved came back. Four suspects were arrested, and an hour and a half later, a second van suspected in the hold up was spotted at 35th and Villard. A chase ensued, and after about a mile on the street, the teens tried their luck on foot near 38th and Glendale. They were quickly apprehended by police.

Eight suspects in total are now facing charges. Police say the two vans they were found in were both stolen. Milwaukee police say the oldest suspect is only 16 years old, and the youngest is 12. "I just want to know where their parents are. That's just ridiculous," Marchese said.

Neighbors in the area are now wondering where the kids came from, and why they were committing very adult crimes at such a young age. "They should be studying for a math test. They shouldn't be out here robbing people. That is ridiculous," Marchese said.

Neighbors say they don't believe the teens are from their neighborhood. The two vehicles involved have been taken by police.