EF0 tornado near Germantown based on preliminary information, National Weather Service says

GERMANTOWN -- A FOX6 News viewer spotted something in the sky on Monday afternoon, August 10th -- and captured it on video. This, as the National Weather Service says law enforcement and witnesses preliminarily support an EF0 tornado near Germantown.

Anna-Lee Nemchek shot the video below at roughly 2:15 p.m. in the Germantown area.

Germantown police say around 2:10 p.m., they received a call from some village Department of Public Works employees indicating that they believed they saw a funnel cloud in the area of Friestadt Road and Pilgrim Road in Germantown.

"We actually got a call from one of our DPW workers who spotted what they thought was a funnel cloud," Lt. Todd Grenier with the Germantown Police Department said.

Police sent three squad cars to this area to check this report out -- but responding officers didn’t see a funnel cloud, and they didn’t see any rotation.

It was noted that the storm was moving east/southeast from the area of Freistadt Road and Pilgrim Road.

Officers drove around the area, but didn’t find any storm damage.

We're told police haven't received any reports of obvious storm damage as of yet -- and no other reports regarding a possible funnel cloud.

John Bellin says he didn't see any funnel clouds because he could hardly see anything during the storm.

"It suddenly got very dark and she looked out -- we have sun room on the other side of the house -- and it was very dark. All of a sudden, the wind picked up and it just blew for a while. Then the rain came in sheets, just constant sheets. You could barely see the barn," Bellin said.

The National Weather Service says law enforcement and witnesses preliminarily support an EF0 tornado about one-half mile east of Pleasant View Drive, northeast of Germantown on Monday.

"I was scared because it was a funny light, yellowish looking. I can`t describe it. I was scared. First time I was scared in a long time," Irmgard Miemiec said.

No damage or injuries were reported.

"No reports of damage, no reports of injuries so everything`s good," Lt. Grenier said.

NWS officials say this was very small in scale, and lasted just a few minutes.

A survey will be conducted on Tuesday morning.

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