EA’s latest soccer video game will allow men and women to play on the same team

On Thursday, Electronic Arts revealed the next edition in its soccer video game franchise with the premier of EA Sports FC, which is set to launch Sept. 29. 

There have been many questions about the game ever since it was announced last year that EA would stop making its hugely successful FIFA video game in its current name. 

But with the final unveiling of the game, fans were finally given a first look at all the new features, including the developer’s historic choice to allow players to include men and women on the same team. 

One of the most popular modes of EA’s previous soccer video games has been something called Ultimate Team, which is essentially a fantasy draft. 

Ultimate Team allows players to put together their dream squad consisting of both retired and active players. 

Before, Ultimate Team only allowed players to build their team around male players, although there was a mode in the game where players could play using teams from women’s soccer. 

But this is the first time fans of the game will be able to have players like Alex Morgan lob pass to Cristiano Ronaldo. Or watch Pele get tackled by Megan Rapinoe.

This new feature has been a part of EA’s slow attempt to add women’s football to its franchise for the last several years. Women were first introduced to the game in 2015 when EA included Female national teams.