During 'spring-like' weekend, homeowners get ideas at 2016 Home, Garden and Landscape Show

WAUKESHA -- Spring was in full bloom this weekend at the Waukesha Expo Center! With temperatures in the 50s this weekend, many were thinking spring, and beginning to brainstorm ideas for outdoor decorating.

The Home, Garden and Landscape Show took place at the Waukesha Expo Center from Friday, February 26th through Sunday, February 28th.

The show provided homeowners the opportunity to give their home improvement plans a jump start by browsing and brainstorming ideas -- as more than 100 booth spaces were filled by local home improvement professionals.

Carpetland USA Flooring Center was the lead sponsor of the 2016 Home, Garden and Landscape Show.

Special appearances this weekend included Sharon Morrissey, gardening and horticulture expert on Sunday morning, Tom Feiza, Mr. Fix-It on Saturday afternoon and LeRoy Butler, former Green Bay Packers player on Saturday morning.


Home, Garden and Landscape Show

The show offered ideas for outdoor decorating -- and indoor decorating for the whole house.

"When it gets nice out, people start coming and talking," Dave Aldrian with MCR Group said.

The MCR Group offers designs to fit anyone's needs -- from simple landscaping to large-scale projects.

Home, Garden and Landscape Show

"It`s a large-scale construction project. It`s not just landscaping or planting. It`s full-blown engineered construction projects," Aldrian said.

It's nearly March, and that means summer is just months away. So for many, it's time to get the planning underway so they can enjoy their homes this summer.

"Now is a good time. It`s a very good time," Aldrian said.

Home, Garden and Landscape Show

That's why Liz Shanahan drove all the way from Kenosha. She's looking to improve her backyard.

"The people that we bought the house from, they did half the landscaping and I want to finish it and add stuff they didn`t add already," Shanahan said.

Home, Garden and Landscape Show

Shanahan is a new homeowner with big dreams.

"I just want to make my little section of Kenosha more awesome," Shanahan said.

Shanahan said the warmer weather we saw this weekend in southeastern Wisconsin has her excited for spring and summer.

"I mean, you can`t beat the weather in Wisconsin this time of year," Shanahan said.

Home, Garden and Landscape Show

Show directors said the warm weekend brought tons of people out to the show, and contractors believe the milder weather may have some thinking about getting started on outdoor projects sooner.

"Oh yeah -- and all the work I have to do!" Marc Schneider said.

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