Dry salt therapy wellness center opens to help people with skin, respiratory conditions

MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- His entire life Michael Power has suffered from debilitating respiratory issues stemming from severe asthma and allergies, which motivated him to begin researching a remedy.

"There's got to be something out there that is natural, that can help me on a daily basis achieve natural symptom relief but also have sustained relief," said Power.

He discovered dry salt therapy and he believed so strongly in his findings he opened BreatheReady Wellness Center just last week.

"The salt we use is pharmaceutical salt. It is the same type of salt that would be used in a saline solution or to irrigate wounds in a medical facility," said Power.

Power, who is not a medical professional, says the salt can benefit people suffering from cystic fibrosis, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma.

People sit in the therapy rooms for 45 minutes breathing in the dry salt aerosol.

Equipment is used to grind up the salt to the size of a red blood cell so it can be inhaled to the deepest part of the lungs.

"It actually absorbs pollen, allergens, bacteria, and removes it from the system by enhancing the natural cleansing process of your respiratory system," said Power.

There is also a skin therapy bed.

Power says laying in this environment saturated with salt provides healing benefits to those diagnosed with eczema, rosacea, and acne.

"It could be dry, cracked skin, it's going to remove that skin but also at the same time it's repairing and rejuvenating the dermis underneath to actually bring the healthy skin to the surface," said Power.

Power emphasizes that this is not a medical treatment but can be a complimentary therapy to traditional medicine.

For more information on BreatheReady Wellness Center, CLICK HERE.