Drivers taking it easy after last weekend's pileups

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- After deadly pileups on Wisconsin roads last weekend, crews were out in full force Saturday, December 14th making sure area streets were plowed and salted -- and drivers were taking it easy.

"The roads aren't too bad," said Rob Ruvin. "We drove a little bit slower today, took our time, allowed a little bit more time coming and going."

"You have to change your driving behaviors and, often times, it doesn't kick in until we have a week like last weekend," pointed out Sheriff David Clarke.

Since Friday evening, The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department responded to almost 25 accidents and more than 30 disabled vehicles.

"I like to think people are getting a little bit better since last week. This is Wisconsin," said Sheriff Clarke.

Although snow fall has stopped there is still slush on many roadways and drivers are encouraged to slow down.