Driver stopped, pursued multiple times through Whitefish Bay

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An erratic driver was pulled over and chased by officers four times during an incident early Friday morning, June 28th.

A Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy stopped 33-year-old Gregan Henry around 4:45 a.m. on Silver Spring near Port Washington Rd. for speeding and driving erratically.

The vehicle fled the scene, with the deputy and a Whitefish Bay squad in pursuit, and stopped again at Fairmount Ave.

Authorities say the driver put his hands out the window before taking off again as the deputy and officer began to approach. Additional squads from Whitefish Bay and Shorewood then joined the pursuit.

Henry stopped yet again at Woodruff Ave. and Chateau Pl., this time getting out of his car and walking around. He ignored commands from officers who had their weapons drawn.

The suspect dropped to the ground before running back into his vehicle and driving to the intersection of Woodruff and Hampton Aves. At that time, Henry exited his car and charged at a Shorewood police officer.

Two officers on the scene used their Tasers on Henry who was taken into custody without further incident.

Henry was transported to Froedtert Hospital to be medically cleared. Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office is seeking several charges in the case.

Henry has a criminal history that includes convictions for several armed robberies.

Authorities say the chase covered two and a half miles and reached top speeds of 65 miles per hour.