DPW announces city's "four-inch" rule has now expired

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee's DPW said on Monday evening, December 9th just before 6:00 p.m. the city of Milwaukee's four-inch rule has expired.

Milwaukee implemented its city-wide four-inch rule as it relates to snow Sunday evening. That meant hundreds of city residents woke up Monday with tickets on their cars.

Once four inches of snow accumulates on the streets, the rule takes effect. Parking becomes prohibited on the side of the street where signs are posted. The city activated the rule Sunday night.

Rachel Buelow knows about the rule -- and just decided to roll the dice Sunday evening.

"I figured that would happen. I was hoping for the best but it happened anyway," said Buelow.

Just a couple of blocks away, Jeff Goudreau had the luck so many other drivers did not.

"Oh yeah, there's not many spots around here. This part of the East Side, it gets pretty crowded and there's been a few occasions if there's something going on, you've gotta park pretty far away and this time of year, that's not very fun," said Goudreau.

That's why Goudreau was relieved to find a spot on the correct side of the street.

"Couldn't get much closer, honestly, I got real lucky. We're right in front of our house," said Goudreau.

If you're not sure what the rules are for your street, you can go to the city's web site and enter your street address. From there, you'll see the winter parking regulations for that block.