Dozens of students, staff out sick at Glendale/River Hills schools

GLENDALE (WITI) -- It's not unusual for an occasional bug to cut into class attendance this time of year. But the Glendale/River Hills School District has been hit especially hard.

160 kids were out sick on Tuesday, December 16th -- that's more than 15 percent of the student population. About 80 of the illnesses came on the elementary side of things -- another 80 from the middle school. There were even more students out on Monday.

"We're kind of worried just because there were so many kids that were sick and teachers as well," said Carol Glaser, a parent.

School officials say they thought of cancelling classes altogether, but decided to push through the rest of the week -- then it's Christmas break.

"Eating a lot of oranges for Vitamin C and I've been washing my hands more often," said Nevaeh Silverman, student.

The school will be ready when the students return. The superintendent says each year over the winter break, the district brings in a special cleaning crew.

Whatever the illness is that's sweeping the school district, officials say it appears to be tapering off.

Officials with the bus system the school district uses also say they are aware of a high number of sick students.