Dozens killed in wave of Baghdad bombings

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- Eleven car bombs exploded in and around Baghdad, mostly in Shiite neighborhoods, killing 47 people and wounding more than 145 on Monday, police in Iraq said.

The attacks continue the increase in political and sectarian violence in Iraq, including its capital, Baghdad, over the past several weeks.

Much of the violence included Sunnis squaring off with Shiites and the Shiite-led government.

Most of Monday's explosions were in predominantly Shiite neighborhoods. Also, one bomb exploded in the central Baghdad commercial area of Bab al-Sharqi, near street vendors. Another exploded in the New Baghdad district in eastern Baghdad, close to shops and a Sunni mosque.

According to a CNN tally, more than 300 people have been killed in acts of violence across the country since the beginning of May.

The past week, Iraqi security forces increased their presence in the capital's streets and established more checkpoints.