Douyette pleads guilty in murder of businessman

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A plea deal was reached for the man taking responsibility for the disturbing murder of a Brookfield businessman. 42-year-old Tommy Douyette pleaded guilty in court Wednesday to first degree reckless homicide in the death of John Aegerter.

That plea means Douyette will avoid a life sentence, and will testify against his partner in crime.

In a Waukesha County courtroom Wednesday, Douyette came to make a deal. Douyette admits to going to a Brookfield home last June with Lynn Hajny, and beating to death Brookfield businessman John Aegerter.

The criminal complaint in the case says Hajny wanted money from Aegerter, owed to her husband. When police found Aegerter in his garage, he was tied with electrical cords, wrapped in duct tape and had a bag over his head.

In court Wednesday, Douyette's voice was soft and hard to hear. Douyette admitted to physically striking Aegerter, and admitted that the details in the criminal complaint are true and correct.

The plea deal comes with a recommendation of 35 years in prison for Douyette, and the charge against him has been amended to party to the crime of first degree reckless homicide, to which he plead guilty.

Now, Douyette must take the stand against his co-conspirator, Hajny. There is no deal on the table for Hajny.

Hajny appeared in Waukesha County court Wednesday, immediately following Douyette. While discussing Hajny's trial's start time, her lawyer gave a preview of her defense. "I believe at this point, based on the most recent discussions with her, perhaps maybe a mental health disease defense exists in this case," Hajny's attorney said.

Douyette will be sentenced following the trial of Hajny. Hajny's trial's start date was pushed back about five months in court Wednesday. A motion hearing is scheduled for next month, with a trial expected in May.