Doorbell camera captures horrifying moment when car slams into teen crossing street

SOUTH WHITTIER, Calif. -- Doorbell video captured the horrifying moment a 13-year-old boy was hit by a car while crossing the street Monday afternoon in South Whittier, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Just after 3 p.m., officers were called to a car versus pedestrian collision on Cole Road just south of Tolman Drive, CHP's Santa Fe Springs office said in a news release obtained by KTLA.

The video shows the teen standing on the east side of Cole Road behind a parked car waiting to cross the street. After allowing a few vehicles to pass, the victim attempts to cross the street but is hit by a black Toyota Camry.

The video shows him being tossed up onto the car’s hood and windshield before flying into the air and landing on the pavement. Neighbors ran outside after hearing the impact; one described the scene as “heart-wrenching.”

Evelyn Panameno said her son and the victim, named Nomar, are friends. Nomar comes to their house every day after school before being picked up by his father.

The victim was crossing the street to get into his dad’s waiting car when he was struck, Panameno said. The father was able help and comfort his son at the scene.

The teen was transported to a local hospital with major injuries but is expected to survive.

Panameno said her family visited Nomar at the hospital, and he was lucky to have only suffered a few broken bones. She said he was even joking around.

Panameno's son, Anthony Panameno, said, “It was nice to know that he was good.”

But, according to Evelyn Panameno, things have already been hard for the family with Nomar’s father fighting leukemia.

Gina Lo-Bue, the driver, stopped the car and remained at the scene, according to the CHP news release. As of Monday night, she was not facing arrest.

Video from the scene showed signs that indicated a school zone with a speed limit of 25 mph. Despite the posted speed limit, cars are often seen traveling down the street at high speeds, those who live in the area told KTLA.