'Don't Punish Pain' rally held in Milwaukee, focused on positives that come from opioids

MILWAUKEE -- People in the Milwaukee area on Wednesday, May 22 took part in a nationwide demonstration to inform the public about the importance of opioid prescriptions when it comes to pain management.

The group gathered downtown near the Pabst  Hotel for the "Don't Punish Pain" rally.

The goal was to let people know there are positives that come from opioids. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain and rely on opioids to live their lives.

"Opioid medication makes it possible for people who are really sick with incurable degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, like ALS, and like rare diseases that I have which is complex regional pain syndrome. We need opioids in order to function," said Jillian Engl.

According to the group, because of government regulations, people who have been treated properly are experiencing difficulties obtaining their pain relief prescriptions.